1. Stefan's Mark
2. Claiming Skyler
3. Dedrick's Taming
4. The Prowling
5. Cole's Awakening
6. The New Breed
7. Seducing Sasha
8. Draeger Legacy (prequel)

9. Full Moon Bites (mini-anthology)

Tales of the Shifter
10. Darian's Surrender
11. Reluctant Heat
12. Unbounded Fury
13. Untamed Beast
14. Conquering Lyssa
15. Awakened Animals
16. Ash's Beauty
17. Dangerous Cravings

Stefan's Mark Claiming Skyler Dedrick's Taming The Prowling Cole's Awakening The New Breed Seducing Sasha Draeger Legacy Full Moon Bites Darian's Surrender "Reluctant Heat" "Unbounded Fury" "Untamed Beast" "Conquering Lyssa" "Animals Awakened" Ash's Beauty "Dangerous Cravings"